Friday, 26 August 2016

Dear people on the beach in Nice...

I have been absent in my blog lately due to my own reasons, but I am saddened daily by what I read and hear in the news almost daily and most things I choose to not comment, hoping I would never need to comment.

I can only imagine the fear, anger, sadness and embarassment of being made to strip on a beach surrounded by people... 

I am so sad that us as women are being labelled by what we choose to wear.. 

A woman on the beach fully covered does not make her a terrorist.. She is simply dressing for the religion she has chosen for herself, maybe we should start telling every woman who is covered up due to religious reasons that they too need to undress... Whilst you are at it maybe get some of the more undressed ones to cover up abit more?? 

I would like to know where all the support was on the beach? 

Surely not everyone suspected this lady of being a terrorist? 

The idea that the burkini is linked to terrorism is ludicrous... Such a shame that this is where France is at. 
Why are we still forcing women to wear or not wear certain clothing? 

Am I just sitting by and seeing all this go on? Are you?  Or can I be more proactive in my thoughts...  Can you? 

How did you stay so silent? 

To the woman on the beach... I'm sorry. 


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