Tuesday, 2 August 2016

August goals and changes

This is definitely the month I sort myself out... (Again)

Power of positive thinking... 

purchased 2 books this week and hoping they will help me on my journey. 

Ella from the Lucky truth is doing a challenge to change your life.This inspired me so I have also joined in on the 30 day challenge which I will be doing slightly differently, they say it takes 30 days to form a new habit or change an old one....


This month will be my starting block, starting small and working my way to a bigger and better life for us all.

For a start I am going to be ditching one bad habit of mine....

Pepsi max... I have to have this everyday it's my treat rather than stuffing chocolate chip cookies I have Pepsi max, it's not at all good for you.. It shouldn't be a reward... It's gone! (And so are the cookies) 

And finally for this month...
Write a note/text message to someone everyday telling them that I care and mentioning something good about them... 

I feel that we so often focus on the negative that the positives just pass us by... We need to stop doing that,it won't take me long and we really need to tell those closest more often just how much we love them. 

Ramble almost over, as the months go on I will increase my challenges but with this month being the first I thought a couple of easy but still positive changes will be a good start. 

Have you ever thought of doing a 30 day challenge? 


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  1. Good luck with your challenge, I gave up having having tea (normal PG Tips) for herbal when I was on a diet, and no it's just part of my lifestyle!