Thursday, 2 June 2016

My summer of matcha

With summer approaching I am always on the look out for new treats to bring to BBQs and picnics, and when I came across a competition for bloggers from Eat Clean Tea  featuring their Matcha Tea I couldn't wait to get involved.... The task was to create our very own healthy juice/cocktail/smoothie...

I am a big juicing fan, and love how refreshing they are and the fact that this one has so many added health benefits, it's clearly a winner! 

Here is what we used... 

1 whole banana
Handful of grapes
Curly kale (stalks removed)
Fresh pineapple juice
Lime juice 
2 scoops of the Eat Clean Tea (original matcha)

All thrown in blender for desired consistency......

The ginger/kale and matcha have so many proven health benefits....

Check out the following links to see why you should be adding these to your own juices/smoothies...

Why not add some matcha tea to your own recipe? 

What's your favourite? 


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