Friday, 17 June 2016

My perfectly timed EarlyBird snack boxes

You know when something really simple makes you happy? Well something has done this for me and it won't be any surprise to know this really simple thing is food related.....

Where do I start? These boxes have come at a perfect time for me, busy schedules,not always having time to make myself a proper lunch and being in places where you are surrounded by vending machines containing only chocolate and crisps (this does not help my calorie intake for the day.)

These boxes come in a handy letterbox size and are just £4.95!!!

Although I am yet to try all of the snacks & tea (yes you get a teabag aswell... Bonus) I haven't found one I don't like or one that doesn't appeal to me, I always make sure I have one in my bag ready for times in need, all of the nutritional information is in a lovely personalised booklet (loved that touch)
Also worth noting that even the ones I would call less healthy are still pretty low in calories! 

I want to thank the team at EarlyBird for giving me the chance to review their boxes and I will definitely be subscribing!

What snackboxes do you subscribe to?

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