Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Last year of my twenties........

Here we have it... I have reached 29... The big 30 will creep up on me no doubt very quickly.
I'm not sure how much this bothers me or even why it bothers me, but it does and I'm going to try and change this... The power of positive thinking...
Here we go I have written a bucket list of 30 things I would like to do before I turn 30...

1- Euro to Brussels

2- Go to see a ballet

3- 30 random acts of kindness

4- Skydive

5- Music festival with my family

6- Give blood

7- Learn to play fur Elise Beethoven on the piano (again)

8- Write a children's book

9- Go punting in Cambridge

10- learn to take a good photo and use photoshop

11- Have a proper afternoon tea

12- Take a cookery class

13- Realise that turning 30 might not be that bad

14- Visit 30 places I have never been

15- Watch a James Bond movie

16- Read "How to kill a mockingbird"

17- volunteer for charity for even just a day

18- volunteer for the local soup kitchen

19- Make a cheesecake for the first time

20- Plant a tree

21- Complete digital detox for a whole weekend

22- Take a 30 day challenge

23- Go on a ghost walk

24- Take my mum and dad out for dinner

25- Read "wuthering heights"

26- Take a cocktail making class

27- Tie die a tshirt

28- Attend a pole dancing class

29- Eat something I have never eaten before

30- Start a YouTube channel

These are in no particular order and some of these I should of probably completed before now but I am going to complete this list and hopefully not leave it until the last couple months but I had best get cracking as we are already a month in....

Looking forward to completing these with some of my lovely friends and family...

What's in your bucket lists?

Love of love

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  1. I still have one and a half year to go, but dreading it as much! I've had 'read to kill a mocking bird' on my list, which I thankfully did last autumn. Loved it! Things at the moment on my bucket list are more to do with becoming more social and understanding person, as well as self growth. Learning to use photoshop and becoming a more mindful person. Might sound boring, but it is strangely tough and motivating at the same time! :)