Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Last year of my twenties........

Here we have it... I have reached 29... The big 30 will creep up on me no doubt very quickly.
I'm not sure how much this bothers me or even why it bothers me, but it does and I'm going to try and change this... The power of positive thinking...
Here we go I have written a bucket list of 30 things I would like to do before I turn 30...

1- Euro to Brussels

2- Go to see a ballet

3- 30 random acts of kindness

4- Skydive

5- Music festival with my family

6- Give blood

7- Learn to play fur Elise Beethoven on the piano (again)

8- Write a children's book

9- Go punting in Cambridge

10- learn to take a good photo and use photoshop

11- Have a proper afternoon tea

12- Take a cookery class

13- Realise that turning 30 might not be that bad

14- Visit 30 places I have never been

15- Watch a James Bond movie

16- Read "How to kill a mockingbird"

17- volunteer for charity for even just a day

18- volunteer for the local soup kitchen

19- Make a cheesecake for the first time

20- Plant a tree

21- Complete digital detox for a whole weekend

22- Take a 30 day challenge

23- Go on a ghost walk

24- Take my mum and dad out for dinner

25- Read "wuthering heights"

26- Take a cocktail making class

27- Tie die a tshirt

28- Attend a pole dancing class

29- Eat something I have never eaten before

30- Start a YouTube channel

These are in no particular order and some of these I should of probably completed before now but I am going to complete this list and hopefully not leave it until the last couple months but I had best get cracking as we are already a month in....

Looking forward to completing these with some of my lovely friends and family...

What's in your bucket lists?

Love of love

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My birthday visit to Chai..... waffle time....

Myself and a friend thought it was about time we went to a local cafe and treated ourselves to a mid morning  cuppa and a pudding or 2.... the major calorie overload was definitely worth it.

We were lucky enough to be able to have a chat with the owner Nabil, he was welcoming and didn't hesitate to answer any questions we had, he has a great belief on helping the local area and always on the look out for ways to give back to the local community, profits made in the cafe are placed back into their Chai Life Foundation, Community groups can get in touch and apply for help with any projects.

They are also looking to bring in the community token, anyone can purchase a token for just £1 which then you can pass on to someone in need and send them into Chai and they can enjoy a treat for themselves.

Chai has a very welcoming feel to it from the moment you walk in, we saw a variety of different people come in and everyone raved about the desserts, students came in from the college, set up laptops and got to work with a coffee, they had a lovely bookshelf full of books for you to enjoy.
Walls were lined with works of art from local artists, motivational quotes filled another wall.

Now onto the the food...

I had a white chocolate cookie dough this was amazing... I just remembered to get a picture before I demolished it, we chose a chai tea brand name the tea project, it was the perfect accompaniment to my very sweet pudding, added bonus of everything being organic and Fairtrade where possible.

you need to visit this place, there is something for everyone and I am already planning my next visit.


Sunday, 15 May 2016

My first time at britmums #linky

My name: Georgina Johnson

My blog: personal blogging here at 2 pretty little ladies 

Find me on social media at: 
Twitter : @Miss_GJohnson
Instagram : @GEORGIE_J05

How I look:  will try to find a more serious picture, although very rare that I don't pull a silly face of some kind...

Is this my first blogging event?
Yes my very first I am very excited, nervous and did I mention excited...?

I will be wearing… From tips picked up from others flat shoes are a must... Other that that I have no idea yet, best get thinking... 

What I hope to gain from #BML16:
I hope to gain lots of knowledge to further my blog, some helpful tips on how to use social media with my blog...

My tips for a great conference: 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My birthday wish list

My 29th birthday is fast approaching, I am struggling to see how I am 29!!! I was 21 a year ago.....

List making is one of my favourite things to do so a Wish list for my birthday was no heavy task....

I have wanted this jacket for a while now I remember trying on a similar one in Brighton last year.. Finally this will be the year. 

I love these trainers having always been a converse girl this is a big change for me but I love the look and feel of these trainers... 

I have wanted one of these for a long time so It's definitely on my wishlist, I can drink water easily but I'm tend to just down loads all at one time rather than little and often so I know this will helpbme to spread out my fluid intake.

Big fan of looking after my skin and to protect from signs of ageing wherever I can.. What better way than a simple cream to put alongside my usual skin care products than a moisturising cream that protects for 8 hours.

"Winging it" tshirt

I am desperate for a tshirt from selfish mother, "All profits* from sales of WINGING IT designs go to KIDS CHARITY UK" Is there a better reason for tshirt like that? 

Plus I haven't seen one on the school run so many I could start a trend and a few others will go ahead and buy to help this amazing charity.

I could go on forever about items that are on my wish list... Will just insert a few pictures of those...


Thank you for reading now onto the next list....


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Decorating bras....

I was lucky enough to be asked by the lovely Becky from Tiger in Peterborough to join her at New Stamford College with the 1st and 2nd year fashion students decorating Bras for the moon walk that's being held in a few weeks to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Charity...

The morning was actually very relaxing and such fun, Becky bought along lots of craft supplies from her store for everyone to use to decorate the bras... 


These craft supplies are perfect for any project you have in mind... We had lots of sparkes and feathers on the go. 

Tiger stores actually change their stock every 12 weeks, so as well as this meaning that as soon as you see something you should definitely buy it there and then rather than waiting, it also means that the stores can sometimes be left with stock which instead of throwing away the stores are constantly on the look out for local companies or projects in the local community that they can work with to put the products to good use.

Becky with her completed bra... Clearly more talented than me...


I love thinking of craft projects... But actually doing them is a different ball game... Needles and thread are definitely not my friends... Here is my finished project...


Another talented person... My lovely friend and fellow blogger from

The supplies from Tiger definitely helped to bling up my bra and to hide my terrible crafting skills....

Lots of love