Monday, 11 April 2016

Last time I cried...

So technically last time I cried was about 20 minutes ago watching a catch up of britains got talent... That 12 year old girl singing a song from Wicked was AMAZING!

But before that was the evening of Miss K's 8th birthday, I always get emotional on birthdays it's usually when everyone has gone to bed and it's all quiet, I think the day just crashes around me....

I am super proud of this girl, she completely changed my world for the better... I was so overwhelmed by everyone's kindness towards her, she is very much loved by alot of people...

I also think I was very tired as its hard work making sure a little girls wishes can all come true in one day... She went to bed with a mammoth smile on her face so we must of done a pretty good job! 



  1. I love seeing what your girls get up to via Instagram.
    You're doing a great job x

    1. Aww thank you! It's pretty tough this parenting lark isn't it? Xxx

    2. Very much so. Toughest job I've ever had xx

  2. Looks like she had a fab birthday!