Wednesday, 20 April 2016

10 facts about me

1) I have watched neighbours for aslong as I can remember, as have my Mum,Dad and Brother.

2) I am peanut butter obsessed and my closest friends show they know this by buying me something peanut butter related every birthday and Christmas 

3) I love green tea... It's the first thing I think about when I wake up.

4) My whole family imediate and extended mean the world to me and if I could choose I would pick them..

5) I have know my best friend since we were 2... We call each other "stink" and I have no idea why...

6) My favourite films are Drop Dead Fred and 3 men and a little lady

7) I had a toy rabbit when I was a baby his names is Bunkles he now sleeps in Miss K's bed.

8) I love going for drives in the rain 

9) I have always wanted to play the guitar.. 

10) I can be very sarcastic... 

Monday, 18 April 2016

5 ways to make yourself happier xxx

I hope everyone had a great weekend...
I'm starting Monday off on a happy note... Because I feel right now it's the only way to get through Monday... I have been researching ways to make my life stress free and generally happier... Here are the top tips I have found and have been putting to the test to make you happier than you already are.... 


This may seem fairly obvious but we are all guilty of failing to go to bed when we should, whether we are doing last minute jobs, prepping for the next day or just laying around scrolling endlessly through social media, try going to bed earlier giving yourself a time to switch off, even just 15 minutes, set a time and stick to it as best you can every night.


I have been doing a 20 Minute yoga session every day this week along with going for a run every other day, I have to say this has made a real difference to my week, I have felt ridiculously chilled out.. And for some exercise where you didn't even know you had done for the 20 minutes I burnt 50 calories... Happy points right there...


Whether this be family/friends or both.. Be around those who make you happiest. Laugh with them, make plans or chat about happy memories... Make time for the ones you love, cut off the ones who make you miserable.


Do something for someone else, whether is be a favour or buying a small gift, seeing that smile on someone's face really brightens your day.


A good dose of gratitude every morning, start each day thinking or writing down a few reasons that you have to be happy.. They will all add up and even just reading through will give you a smile...

Friday, 15 April 2016

Green smoothie... WIN

Last week we were all feeling bloated and sluggish and in need of some goodness... So we went back to our faithful blender and threw in what we fancied to get our fix....

First Smoothie we made...

Kale (chopped and stems removed)
Apple juice
1 Banana
Crushed ice

Verdict : so refreshing, this was a really lovely juice.... Would be perfect for a summers day

Next up was this...

Almond milk (unsweetened)
Chia seeds
1 banana

This one was extremely filling... It was far too creamy and thick for me, almost needed a spoon... 
Lovely but maybe try without the banana next time 

Last one was this...

Apple juice
Chia seeds


Another lovely green juice... Definitely preferring the mango on its own... I'm not usually a mango fan but blended up its going to become a real staple ingredient for me... Along with the chia seeds I throw them in with everything I make.

These made the perfect lunches for me after a heavy weekend carb overload....


Monday, 11 April 2016

Last time I cried...

So technically last time I cried was about 20 minutes ago watching a catch up of britains got talent... That 12 year old girl singing a song from Wicked was AMAZING!

But before that was the evening of Miss K's 8th birthday, I always get emotional on birthdays it's usually when everyone has gone to bed and it's all quiet, I think the day just crashes around me....

I am super proud of this girl, she completely changed my world for the better... I was so overwhelmed by everyone's kindness towards her, she is very much loved by alot of people...

I also think I was very tired as its hard work making sure a little girls wishes can all come true in one day... She went to bed with a mammoth smile on her face so we must of done a pretty good job! 


Monday, 4 April 2016

Happy moments

The Easter holidays for the girls have been a complete blast so far, we have made the most of every single second...

Lots of family time over the long bank holiday weekend, Busy week seeing friends, the weather was lush which has definitely made things better... 

It was Miss K's 8th birthday Saturday and the weekend was amazing, she was so lucky with everything she received, but it was very full on horse riding/ parties and meals out, safe to say we all had a well deserved rest today..

The way the girls have been together is enough to make your heart melt, they really are the very best of friends it's so lovely to see them playing together, which in turn means I get chance to plan work/ catch up with emails etc.... 

Hope you all had a fabulous week and have lots to make you happy this week