Saturday, 26 March 2016

This week I had a break up....and it made me happy

So much has made me happy again this week... I love reflecting on the past week and they just keep getting better...

1) coffee with a good friend, we resisted cake as both always on a health kick... Looking forward to our plans for the year

2) miss k performed amazingly in her school play,they were all worn out by the end of it but they didn't fail to give us a good show

3) bank holiday weekend spent with the family and the sun shone, I now could be rolled around due to the amount of chocolate I ate..

4) enjoyed the first Episode of the A word, looks like it's going to be a good series

5) finished #girlboss and started 5742 days by Anne-Marie Cockburn, an amazing diary of an amazing woman...

6) sorted the girls bedroom, new wardrobes, new dressing table it's looking fab and they are so happy..

7) This last thing has made me very sad but ultimately made me very happy, long story short (ish) an old friend and I had fallen out/grew apart a while ago now, I have tried a few times to get in contact and she just shuts me off, so after my last attempt I decided that life is too damn short so as childish as it seems I deleted her from all my social media accounts and telephone numbers etc... It felt refreshing, a clean slate...  I will cherish the happy memories but that "friendship" didn't make me happy anymore.

What made you happy this week??

Lots of love xxx

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