Monday, 21 March 2016

Made me happy

I am so looking forward to this weekend... 
I need a break, the girls need the break, he needs a break...

We have very little planned so will mainly be spent mooching around and enjoying our time with the family...although Friday will be spent sorting the girls bedroom... New wardrobes.. Etc.. Will do a blog post on their shared bedroom when it is done.

I like to not plan much for Monday's so I can catch up on housework, emails, phone calls etc... Reflecting on what made me happy this past week is a good way to keep you upbeat

1- cookies and carrott cakes made by Miss E 

2- spending time with family 

3- school runs in the sunshine

4- maintaining my weight after a heavy weekend of food

5- spending with the evening with an old close friend who I don't get enough time to see.

6- a Chinese & wine evening with the girls 

7- reading girl boss 

What made you happy this week? 


1 comment:

  1. Having some sunshine at last makes me happy - such a mood changer :)