Thursday, 31 March 2016

Letter to my daughter on your 8th Birthday

My beautiful girl,

Tomorrow you turn 8! How did that happen? 
8 years ago our life changed massively, you were stubborn right from the start, refusing to feed/eat/sleep (no idea where you get your stubbornness from) 
Over the years we have watched you grow and your funny little mannerisms shine through all the time... 
I have felt guilt always wondering if We are doing the right things with you? did we handle that the "right" way? Is she  happy? 

The older you get and I see more of your amazing talents i know we are doing just fine and I realise that we just need to make more of the moments that are now and not focus on how you are going to be in the future... Nights when I have wished you would just go sleep already when it's 10pm and you're learning how to click you're fingers/whistle or go cross eyed...

We are so proud of how you handle school, you take it in your stride, you don't need to be like anyone else, you have friends,your bright and your happy.

You're doing so well with the piano, you need to realise just how talented you are and make sure you always keep practicing, when you have a strop because you can't play a piece of music remember that once you practice it... You get it and then you love it and play it beautifully.

We are loving watching you dance... You have some awesome moves... Don't hold back. 

It's harder as you get older and I know you are wanting to make your own decisions on life or do your own hair... I will keep fighting the urge to take over, I want you to make your own choices in life but I want you to know I will always be there in the background to back you up or to just be there when you want to talk it through...

We all love you so very much and we always will 


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