Sunday, 10 January 2016

Our week...

It was a funny kind....with nothing major to report. 
No one was ready for Monday... It came round far too fast.
Back to school, work and routine, miss e started the school day as standard having to be removed off me with her sobbing and me dashing out of the door so as I didn't break down also, Miss K had her new teacher starting this week which is a massive change for her after having her last teacher for a over a year. 

I have made a good start on my New Years resolutions, I have been going to bed earlier and reading ✔️ drinking my 2 litres of water a day ✔️ exercising daily ✔️

I am starting slimming world tomorrow along with clean eating, I'm hoping having the fear of a weekly weigh in will help me stay of track and finally shed that last stone and keep it off. 
Will keep the blog updated on that. 

I'm now off for a bath in peace but first to decide which of my lovely lush bath bombs imgoing to use... 


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