Monday, 27 January 2014

Note to myself

I've not blogged in a while... im trying to get things straight in my head.. im trying to be the best mum possible and to not let anything worry them.
Im laying here preparing myself for yet another sleepless night.. im so tired yet I cant sleep. We are currently in the process of losing our house... its being sold and we need to find somewhere else. It doesnt even feel like home anymore.

The girls think/hope we are moving to a 'massive house with fields' thats not going to happen...

I find people mainly the ones closest to me.. asking "if I'm ok? I seem miserable" course im fucking miserable... im angry.
I wake up and tell myself today I will just smile.. we are all healthy everything to be happy about I have 2 amazing little girls who even in my darkest times make me laugh... although I feel I should do more with them?! Laugh more with them?!?
I hope they are truly happy...

I feel slightly better for writing it down...
Heres to better days ♡

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