Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dummy's and bunnies

Ahhhhhhh!!! I know it's my own fault I got her attached to these things but its a constant having to remember where they are making sure I have them ready to take out of bring home! "Mummy wheres nummy my bunny my nummy" dreading the day when she doesn't have the comfort of them, she really struggles!

I know the dummy especially has to go in the day!
I need lots of hints and tips to get rid of the plug!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stay and play

After weeks of Katie pops asking me I decided today would stay and play at school, I passed melly over to a friend and then off I went hung up my coat, bag and lunchbox felt rather strange like I was back there 21 years ago, I find schools and the smell Katie has when she comes home has always been the same. We had a lovely time, we read, made gingerbread men, did some drawing.
It's funny to watch Katie's face when other children wanted to hug or sit on her mummy, lots of reassuring hand squeezes and smiles she was fine.

The rugrats are now in bed and I'm looking forward to some me time with rubbish tv!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Busy busy busy

I didn't want to make this blog a chore as its something I love doing just sometimes time gets away and before I know it it's been days!!

Weekend went lovely and quick! Katie had swimming and a party, then we had friends round for dinner. Sunday we had a family christening was lovely to spend a day as a family girls love getting dressed up especially knowing cake will be involved!!

Today me and melly had our little tots she loves getting together with her friends, mucky play with shaving foam.

Had a lovely lunch with a friend we have decided on a venture an online vintage wedding boutique,Will be setting up a blog so will link up as soon as!

Running tonight


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Threading,costa and shopping

Loving today!!! In such a good mood, good sleep so got up early with katie poppins who was demanding to do homework :/ housework all done before school run, then off to the shops with Emma, had my list! Which for once managed to tick everything off! Got myself some new boots!
Whilst sitting in costa chatting and watching the world go by, I decided to get my brows threaded! Never had this done before and I'm amazed was so quick and relatively pain free!!!

Hope the rest of the day continues to be as good! Melly napping can't wait to get the madam from school!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


My little Elsie believes in fairies I think most days she actually believes she is one!!!
A 5 minute walk can take 20
Minutes with her exploring or having to stop and closely inspect.
Sometimes I can laugh when we have all the time in the world other times like getting to school or trying to get home before we freeze its a pain!

Today on the walk home from school we had a straw which every so often she used to bend down and suck up some snow!

So much love for my little princess, wonder how her carefree ways will help her in the future xxxx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Moan, moan , moan

I must of been one of the only mums that Didnt want a snow day, I had a tidy house a day planned!!! My phone, Facebook and emails started going mad from 7am, people wondering if the school would be open! Lots of people moaning about the fact our school was one of the few schools that stayed open, if the teachers can get in when most have to drive, surely the parents can get walk when majority live in walking distance!!! Obviously avoid driving when roads are so bad.The school looked empty of children this morning because parents were to afraid to out on some Wellies and get a bit cold!!!

Snowy weekend!

Pictures from our snowy weekend

Snowy weekend

Pretty lovely weekend, snow started to come down pretty heavily on Friday, seeing the children come out of school to that was priceless, Saturday was a day of sledging, hot chocolate, homemade chicken soup and bread and a couple of films! Sunday was pretty much the same, except Elsie managed a good half hour in the snow without crying.....

I'm now laying here as I have been since 5am wondering about everything from potty training to food shopping, constantly refreshing the local councils school closures page secretly hoping for a snow day!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Turning to ice.....

Yesterday was cold.... Went on a walk to ferry meadows with Elsie,Lesley Anne and Chloe, we were expecting it to be chilly but the girls had one slide at the park then refused to play anymore Ferry Meadows was a winter wonderland, we had a quick cup of tea and a cake and swiftly moved on, couldn't wait to get home and warmed up!!!!

Was supposed to be going on another walk to the garden centre today but -7 temperatures and a grizzly toddler who hates the cold really doesn't mix well, we drove to the birthday girl"s, had my tarot cards read (freaky stuff for a beginner) then came home for a chilled day playing fairies in the warm!

Run tonight went better than expected, warmed up pretty quickly, managed around 3 miles new plan working well!

Reading up now on frugal living determined to save a few more pennies!


Monday, 14 January 2013


New week!!!Loving the snow!!!! Just wish there was more so my little lady could stay off school with the smallest lady and me..
The girls were so excited to wake up and see the snow falling and to be surrounded by white, safe to say they are breakfast and got dressed the quickest ever to get out and on the way to school, Katie loved it right from the start Elsie is a much more your typical girl and really wasn't a fan! Much prefer to be snuggled up with bunny In the pram, spent the day chilling out, with a little trip to doctors for blood tests in between just to test for problems with my leg, couldn't wait to do the school run as snow had really come down, was nice to able to look on twitter and see the school had posted pictures of the children in there splash suits making the most of the snow!

Weekend was lovely and chilled went far to fast as usual, every weekend I promise myself a chilled Sunday morning as Saturdays are up and about visiting family and swimming lessons, but for some reason Sundays I'm up bright and early :/ the man went to the allotment we need to get back on it soon we did let it get in a bit of a mess towards the end of last year.

No meal plan this week, no shopping been done, am looking back on frugal l living threads sick of spending so much on things that we really don't need to be spending so much on, meal planning tomorrow!


Friday, 11 January 2013


Busy couple of days, birthday parties. Shopping, catching up with friends!
Katie has settled back into school really well, so far so good, she is definitely keeping her more challenging behaviour for home! We are going through the hating phase, she hates everything and everyone, trying to explain to her it's not a get out of jail card for everything! Really hoping Elsie doesn't pick up on it!

Had a lovely run Tuesday did the quickest we have done, first time running to music definitely helped! Had a lovely night off Wednesday the man went out, girls went to bed lovely and early, I was all set up on the sofa ready to chill my tiredness had other ideas and I was fast asleep by 7.30!

Last nights run was awful, couldn't of gone any worse, my shin has been giving me alot of pain and yesterday was just unbearable, had to stop the run and walk home, icepack later and did feel slightly better but today back in pain again so off to the doctors later, hoping its nothing that a few different exercises won't sort, in a foul mood because of it, fingers crossed!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Little red riding hood goes back to school

Back to school today after the Christmas break, the morning went exactly to plan, scarily to plan,to the point I feel like I must of forgotten something....!

Katie was so excited she polished off her muffin (attempting new breakfasts) couldn't wait to get dressed, it's fairytale topic at school this term, she looked brilliant in grandads homemade outfit, they all looked brilliant and so excited to be back at school!

Hoping she has a good first day back, missing her already but glad to be back in routine!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Meal planning Monday

New to this!!
I've always been one for lists and planning! Back to school/work routine!
Love a routine!

Monday*fish,chips and peas
Tuesday*sausage and mash
Wednesday*chicken and pasta
Sunday*roast dinner

Linking this over

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Panto, birthday and little red riding hood

Very tired today after little sleep, the man went on a birthday night out rolled in around 4, smelt like he had a bottle of rum for aftershave, I've never heard hiccups so loud!!!!
He then started to talk to himself :/ I wasn't amused!
When girls woke up they were desperate for him to open his presents, so no lay in for him!

Katie's subject at school is fairy tales, on Tuesday they get to go in dressed as a fairy tale character, after doing the rest of homework based on Cinderella and the fact we have a lovely Cinderella dress up I thought that would be ideal but no Katie insisted on little red riding hood, cue grandads creative side he whipped up a gorgeous red cloak and matching apron in no time. She is made up, will post a picture Tuesday!

Finished the holidays off with a trip to the panto.. Mother goose!!!! Absolutely hilarious I've not been for years and to finally get the jokes my parents used to find funny was great! Girls loved it, seeing there faces was perfection !


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nap time!

My 2 year old daughter before Christmas was having roughly a 2 hour nap around 1pm, over Christmas with daddy/sister being off all routine went out the window, she was then falling asleep around 3/4 so clearly she still needs a nap, was the normal time for a nap for a 2 year old?!?

I love my 2 hours in the afternoons, thinking I may have to get her up at 4am just so she is tired enough for an afternoon nap.....

Friday, 4 January 2013

4 miles!!!

We successfully ran 4 miles tonight, found a really good route down oundle road, so planning on adding on a mile every few weeks!
We got back from the run on a total high today raring to get back out there on Monday!

My littlest princess is still very poorly, she has little energy and very much needing her mummy today, we did manage a trip to the park and a friends house this afternoon which was lovely to catch up. The 2 Katie's were reunited after there Xmas break, looking forward to getting back together on Tuesday!

Loving the fact it's Friday night possibly the best day of the week for me, knowing I have 2 days to chill, although fairly busy weekend!


Totally sums up my life

Nobody ever tells you these things Pre children do they? You get told about lack of sleep,snotty noses,tantrums,

Nobody ever told me about the precious toilet moments you never thought you would miss!

Anyone else got any things they wish they had been told?!? Not that any of these things would of made the slightest difference.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 2!!

Have 2 poorly princesses today, roll on the summer when can be bug free for a while! Been having lots of cuddles to make sure my little lady is ready to go back to school on Tuesday, she has missed it so much, looking forward to getting back into the routine although not looking forward to having to be up,dressed and looking presentable by 8.30! So give it a week and will be on countdown to half term!
Preparations for daddy's birthday are on the way girls bought card today they were adamant on a "dad" one rather than "daddy"
Going to enjoy last proper day of holidays tomorrow, more cuddles and a trip to grandmas.
Went out for a run tonight another friend joined, but didn't manage to get anything recorded, much more training needed!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

4 mile run!

After having set our goal at the half marathon in October and having only been running 2 miles for the past 6 weeks we decided to step it and go to 4 miles and work on getting the speed up, took us a massive 50 minutes tonight, although there was alot of walking, mainly trying to find the route, plenty of people around having a little jog obviously started New Years resolutions off well, I'm wondering how many will still be going in a month or 2!


Heres to 2013,
Ive set up this blog as one of my goals to myself, I dont know why I decided on this,maybe as a place to rant to myself or just for something to do.

I Have no idea how this all works or whether I will still be doing this past january!

Christmas and New year came and went quickly as ever, first NYE we have ever spent just the 4 of us, girls went to bed really early, I sat and ate tons of left over chocolate!

This year myself and a friend are hoping to run a half marathon in october :/ not sure how quickly we will do it, but we are determined so Im sure with a bit of will power we will finish it at least we have only been running for around 6 weeks and so far only running 3 miles but we are very proud we have even been able to stick at it for this long.

I only have one other "resolution" and that is to "work" on going back to work, a little bit more thinking needed as to what I want to do, I have been very lucky to be able to stay at home with my 2 little ladies for the past 5 years but I now feel ready to start becoming more me again!!!!

Heres to another fantastic year with my Family!!