Friday, 27 December 2013

Trying to shatter my christmas mood?

Wow yet another amazing christmas, I have the best family and love how we can not see each other much all year and for 1 day its like we have never been apart... its always so magical and I love this time of year... now the part where we find room for the mounds of toys and try to de clutter wondering when its acceptable to take the decorations down....
Right now my usual feelings at this time of year are tainted with a horrible feeling our landlords will not be renewing our contract on the 1st January. . . Through no fault of our own, due to personal issues of our landlords... I will be so sad to leave our beautiful house that we have made home.. we love the street,the people... everything.
We have no where to go no money to move...  I could be thinking totally the wrong thing but just incase anyone know anything about squatters rights???

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