Saturday, 21 September 2013

Naughty child...?!?!

My biggest has never been "easy" school I always knew would be a challenge. 
She is very clever, therefor leading her to get bored easily. 

Right now I'm definitely down for a worst parent award... 

Her behaviour this week has been unreal at school, one more wrong doing and will be a trip to the head for me I think.. 

I'm been sitting here trying to talk to her.. The standard "punishments" do not work for her. This week she has been trying to get others in to trouble.. 
Is she lacking in attention? Am I doing everything wrong? Where is this rule book? 

She's 5 years old definitely acting 15! Kevin like strops! 

It's very hard to not cuddle her tight and say I will make it all go away. How do you discipline?

From a very sad and fed up mummy today 

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