Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Been a while...back to school..

I haven't blogged for a while but woke up this morning feeling the need so here goes. 

I have loved this summer holidays,love having both my girls together, no rushing around in the morning has just been nice to do whatever we like, some days girls have decided other days I have had things arranged.. 

Last week now... On the slump back, I got most of uniform out of the way first week, but now I have to find time to label it all when I desperately don't want to think about the impending week, this is quite possibly my worst job of them all, what's yours??

K is more than ready, I can keep her physically busy, but she definitely needs the mental stimulation of school. 

E is due to start Playgroup next week aswell, this scares me she is my baby and very much acts like it (my fault) she was very excited about going too excited.. We were sitting talking about it and it clicked that I actually was not going to be staying with her... She is refusing to go.

How would you deal with this? Leave her on first day or stay? I fear then she will get used to me being there and not settle for a while. 

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