Sunday, 23 June 2013

Trying to tame a 5 year old

So just lately Katie 5, has totally gone backwards I thought because of her unruly behaviour at home school would be managing to escape her mood, unfortunately her teacher spoke to me last week and informed me this wasn't the case...
So now we are trying new things instead of Sundays being a chilled day we went on a family picnic in the rain.. 

She often tries to compete with her younger sister who is currently going through the "terrible twos" trying to explain to her that she should be setting the example to her is going nowhere apparently it's much more fun to throw a strop fake or not...

So we have come to the conclusion any attention is better than nothing for Katie... So going to praise as much as possible, which is definitely easier said than done..
You try to swing everything a positive way but when you have had a full on day by the time 5pm comes its a struggle to smile...

New day tomorrow, calm mummy! 

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