Saturday, 1 June 2013


Love having my biggest lady off school, just so nice to not have to get up,rush about and get out.. 

Monday - we had friends over for a BBQ, the more friends over for a drink
Tuesday - swimming in the morning, then to a soft play place and dinner with friends in the evening, I then got the girls to bed and went off out to a medium night, very interesting.. Not sure how much to believe
Wednesday - we had a chilled morning, girls went off to grandma and granddads and I gutted the kitchen
Thursday - daddy was off to do his motorbike test, girls loved seeing him in the morning. We went to meet some friends at the park.
Friday - we went on a bike ride with friends, the children all love getting together.. 

No plans for the weekend, we need to clean cars and other housework I am sure it will be it off 

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