Sunday, 26 May 2013

The past week!!

MONDAY-  Our biggest princess was being given and award in school, an honours award she had been nominated by her teacher, this was a total surprise for Katie and to see us in assembly made hers and our day.
We then went out with some friends, then me and Elsie spent the afternoon cuddling as Katie was going to her friends after school so no school run!

TUESDAY - We went to our usual tots group in the morning, then spent the afternoon with some friends at our house.

WEDNESDAY- We went with Lesley Anne and Chloe to activity world, hoping to stay there all day,but the girls got tired very quickly,we managed lunch then home to chill, then on to swimming lessons such hard work I am always exhausted when I get home.

THURSDAY - Soft play at sims, it's only on for a couple of hours, and Elsie, lockie and Chloe played so nicely we stayed the whole time, after school run it was time for ballet.

FRIDAY - food shopping day, then we went to a friends for lunch.

SATURDAY - Cuddles in bed kind of morning then tidied the garden, bike ride to mum and dads, home to tidy more, the girls went off to a skate park with daddy, I got ready for my run, chilled evening ..

Finally it's half term, we are all shattered and in need of a break!!! We have lots planned, but hopefully manage to get some chill time in


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