Thursday, 7 March 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

Lovely week again, spent with great friends and great family!!

Been busy everyday, which always makes me cheerful as melly then sleeps well.
Katie's done brilliantly at school again, it's her school disco today and she's off to a friends after school so she went off with her clothes/jewellery/money in her little bag.

Been doing the preparations for Mother's Day, always makes me cheerful as I realise just how lucky I am.

Also cheerful as I skipped ww again, so I've eaten what I want.

Hope you all have lots of reasons to be cheerful this week, and have a lovely weekend


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Reasons to be cheerful


  1. Awww fab reasons to be cheerful! x

  2. Now following you via GFC and networked blogs x

  3. Lol loving the fact you skipped WW and that is a reason to be cheerful! Have a great weekend. Mich x

  4. Great reasons, I hope you had a lovely mother's day x