Friday, 8 March 2013

My first time....

My first flashback Friday, I am remembering the day my amazing daughter Katie was born nearly 5 years ago....

First pregnancy obviously full of nerves and excitement, I can remember being paranoid about every little thing, making sure I counted at least 10 movements....

Urghhh the labour, I went in on the Monday to be induced, 2 pessarys later and still nothing... Out came the needle to burst my waters around 3pm, contractions came on fast then, I can remember trying to get comfy, crying for my mum.

Went down to the delivery suite at 5pm with my partner and mum, I had a lovely midwife called phoebe..... Managed on gas and air and my little lady was born at 12.20am.

I loved the experience......

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  1. Ahhh she is gorgeous - then and now! I remember counting the 10 movements every day and even going in to the hospital because I couldn't feel him for about 24 hours!

  2. Thank you xx I know it really was the best, most emotional time...

  3. Awww what a lovely story. Happy 5th birthday to her!

  4. She's beautiful.
    I never managed with the 10 movements a day, I couldn't work out what they classed as a movement (kick, little swirl)
    I went in one day because I hadn't felt Charles move at all, as soon as they put the doppler on my tummy he gave the biggest kick, I looked very silly.
    Thanks for linking up the Flashback Friday x

  5. firstly thank you for linking up to FF :)

    i dont remember being very good at counting the movements with each of mine - i think i must have really thick skin lol
    sounds like after a long induction the birth itself was successful and went along with no problems - yay!!! what a beautiful baby girl too and now how big she is!