Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Housework is evil

Haha I saw this picture and made me think of so many things,
I love to keep my house clean and I pride myself of the fact the children and other half are proud to have people round..... But there are so many downfalls.....

I don't see that I take any time away from my children by keeping a tidy home, people say that children don't remember it but I know my girls are first to point out about messy homes and they like it that mummy keeps the house clean, have I done that to them? Should they even notice??

Why do I care about the house, I know the floor doesn't need to be spotless or fingerprints are allowed... I don't let my children eat and drink all over the house...

I let them make a mess then I can't wait to clean it all, get them clean and then come down and relax on my freshly pumped up sofas...

What are your views???? I know people will judge and have opinions


  1. im happy with a little mess! my husband on the other hand i swear has ocd! he comes in and does loads and then asks if i have actually done any at all! oh dear! a bit of mess is good for then immune system :)

  2. I always have a little mess, as long as the kiddies are happy and healthy there's no issue either way :)

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