Friday, 15 March 2013

Flashback Friday


This week i am remembering the day my baby girl Elsie was born, this pregnancy didn't go perfectly smoothly but was definitely a lot more relaxed than Katie.......
My group of friends were all expecting within a few months of each other so was very exciting....
I remember as my due date got closer I just knew I was going to have to be induced like with Katie, the 2nd October came and went, was due to have my sweep on the 12th October... On the 11th things started.... I had a bad tummy but I kept passing it off not quite wanting to believe I could go into labour on my own.... I carried on with the day,made dinner, bathed and put Katie to bed, then around 9pm the pains really were quite strong so I rang my mum and told her I was off to bed as I had tummy ache, my partner came up at 9.50 I was in agony, rang the maternity unit mid way through contracting, called my parents.. They came over to sit with Katie and we raced to the hospital 3 contractions later we were there, I got seen straight away at 10.10pm I was 8cm, my waters broke soon after at melly moo was born at 10.28....

Very scary and exciting being so quick I loved it xxx


  1. Wowzers that really was quick!!
    I was 8cm when I went into hospital with my first and he was born and hour-2 hours later, I thought that was quick!

    Thank you for linking up x

  2. blimey that was very fast in the end wasn't it? scary indeed - neither of mine were that quick. lovely names too
    thanks for linking up x x