Saturday, 9 February 2013

Weekend and half term planning

Perfect day today spent with my perfect family! Swimming lessons for the biggest princess, visits to the grandparents, bike ride home, new cbeebies cd, football, dancing and cleaning out cupboards!!! Scrummy dinner bath film and bed!

Katie pops really emotional lately fretting about me leaving her....

Elsie has definitely hit terrible 2's it's her way or no way, lots of stamping and fights!! Trying so hard to install some discipline and not just give in to her every ask.......

I love my lists and planning activities for the holidays is definitely up there with the best

Monday- bowling ( attempting bus there with no pram)
Tuesday- park trip with picnic lunch
Wednesday - cinema with Katie, Lesley and Harley :)
Thursday - weekly weigh in at fat fighters :/ (must get mouth sewn up) valentines crafts
Friday- cake making

Love it!!!!!!

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