Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The naughty spot!!

After an excellent morning with my melly shopping, she had decided enough was enough and proceeded to do everything I asked her not to do, how do you discipline?

Time out never worked for my eldest she constantly pushed it.
Is 2 old enough to understand?

I'm counting to 5 explaining what will happen, I don't like the mothers that shriek at children, I prefer the look or a quiet word in there ear......

What do you think?


  1. My little boy was going in time out at 2 - then we found out he has ASD and didnt really understand it but at 4 you only have to mention time out and he behaves better. I will start Sam with time out as soon as he is 2 in a couple of months time. It takes a bit of perserverance but it does work in the end and I have been known to put Elliott in time out in the supermarket and in restauarants etc - he wouldnt be able to understand waiting to get home and then going in time out so I take him to a quiet corner or I take him out and then put him in time out. He HATES it, which is weird because I would love to just sit for 4 minutes on my own doing nothing lol

  2. Oh god even 2 minutes would be lovely..... I think I'm just going to persevere and hope she gets out of her bad habits xxx