Saturday, 16 February 2013

Our half term week

Monday- bowling. We decided to bus in to town rather than drive which my girls were thrilled about a mini adventure, bowling was a bloody nightmare 15 children,lets just say they got fed up quickly.
Tuesday- trip to brewsters play area with friends, then over to McDonald's for tea lovely day,girls were shattered home for bath and bed!!
Wednesday- cinema to see wreck it Ralph, it was packed we were right at the front, Katie loved it, sweets and peace away from the sister what could be better?
Thursday- weigh day -5ilbs!!!! and valentines crafts, we attempted hamma beads for the first time kept Katie and grandma amused,melly had her first afternoon sleep in over a week yay!
Friday- trip to park then finishing off homework with grandma then I was off out with mums from school, had a real giggle, lovely bunch!
Saturday- usual swimming lessons, family visits, we got back over to the allotment first time in months wasn't in as big a state as expected we got lots done, ready for spring planting! Could not get mr bloom out of my head, then over to a friends t walk there dog and a trip to park was lovely not seen them since October, then over to sister in laws for dinner, the mr is out tonight so I had the iPad and remote! Eeek!
Sunday- Katie has a party, then after lunch we will be making our very own bird feeders.

Had a brilliant half term, absolutely gutted to be back to school routine Monday 5/6 weeks until Easter can't complain

How was your week?

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