Thursday, 17 January 2013

Turning to ice.....

Yesterday was cold.... Went on a walk to ferry meadows with Elsie,Lesley Anne and Chloe, we were expecting it to be chilly but the girls had one slide at the park then refused to play anymore Ferry Meadows was a winter wonderland, we had a quick cup of tea and a cake and swiftly moved on, couldn't wait to get home and warmed up!!!!

Was supposed to be going on another walk to the garden centre today but -7 temperatures and a grizzly toddler who hates the cold really doesn't mix well, we drove to the birthday girl"s, had my tarot cards read (freaky stuff for a beginner) then came home for a chilled day playing fairies in the warm!

Run tonight went better than expected, warmed up pretty quickly, managed around 3 miles new plan working well!

Reading up now on frugal living determined to save a few more pennies!


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