Monday, 14 January 2013


New week!!!Loving the snow!!!! Just wish there was more so my little lady could stay off school with the smallest lady and me..
The girls were so excited to wake up and see the snow falling and to be surrounded by white, safe to say they are breakfast and got dressed the quickest ever to get out and on the way to school, Katie loved it right from the start Elsie is a much more your typical girl and really wasn't a fan! Much prefer to be snuggled up with bunny In the pram, spent the day chilling out, with a little trip to doctors for blood tests in between just to test for problems with my leg, couldn't wait to do the school run as snow had really come down, was nice to able to look on twitter and see the school had posted pictures of the children in there splash suits making the most of the snow!

Weekend was lovely and chilled went far to fast as usual, every weekend I promise myself a chilled Sunday morning as Saturdays are up and about visiting family and swimming lessons, but for some reason Sundays I'm up bright and early :/ the man went to the allotment we need to get back on it soon we did let it get in a bit of a mess towards the end of last year.

No meal plan this week, no shopping been done, am looking back on frugal l living threads sick of spending so much on things that we really don't need to be spending so much on, meal planning tomorrow!


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