Sunday, 6 January 2013

Panto, birthday and little red riding hood

Very tired today after little sleep, the man went on a birthday night out rolled in around 4, smelt like he had a bottle of rum for aftershave, I've never heard hiccups so loud!!!!
He then started to talk to himself :/ I wasn't amused!
When girls woke up they were desperate for him to open his presents, so no lay in for him!

Katie's subject at school is fairy tales, on Tuesday they get to go in dressed as a fairy tale character, after doing the rest of homework based on Cinderella and the fact we have a lovely Cinderella dress up I thought that would be ideal but no Katie insisted on little red riding hood, cue grandads creative side he whipped up a gorgeous red cloak and matching apron in no time. She is made up, will post a picture Tuesday!

Finished the holidays off with a trip to the panto.. Mother goose!!!! Absolutely hilarious I've not been for years and to finally get the jokes my parents used to find funny was great! Girls loved it, seeing there faces was perfection !


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