Friday, 11 January 2013


Busy couple of days, birthday parties. Shopping, catching up with friends!
Katie has settled back into school really well, so far so good, she is definitely keeping her more challenging behaviour for home! We are going through the hating phase, she hates everything and everyone, trying to explain to her it's not a get out of jail card for everything! Really hoping Elsie doesn't pick up on it!

Had a lovely run Tuesday did the quickest we have done, first time running to music definitely helped! Had a lovely night off Wednesday the man went out, girls went to bed lovely and early, I was all set up on the sofa ready to chill my tiredness had other ideas and I was fast asleep by 7.30!

Last nights run was awful, couldn't of gone any worse, my shin has been giving me alot of pain and yesterday was just unbearable, had to stop the run and walk home, icepack later and did feel slightly better but today back in pain again so off to the doctors later, hoping its nothing that a few different exercises won't sort, in a foul mood because of it, fingers crossed!!!!!

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