Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Little red riding hood goes back to school

Back to school today after the Christmas break, the morning went exactly to plan, scarily to plan,to the point I feel like I must of forgotten something....!

Katie was so excited she polished off her muffin (attempting new breakfasts) couldn't wait to get dressed, it's fairytale topic at school this term, she looked brilliant in grandads homemade outfit, they all looked brilliant and so excited to be back at school!

Hoping she has a good first day back, missing her already but glad to be back in routine!

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  1. Great looking blog, I've just started mine (it's about me taking care of my two young children) so still trying to figure lots of stuff out (like how to make is look presentable!)
    Your lucky to say your first morning before the return to school went exactly to plan. I don't think any of our mornings do and my 2 are not even at school yet!